Books and magazines

On the left is a copy of "the Sunbird" by Wilbur Smith which is signed by David Isberg on the exact page Opeth (City of the Moon) was mentioned and was the inspiration for the bandname. 
The other book is a signed copy of the "Ornament of the Ominous Demoniac - the coagulated blood of David"
Collective writings, poetry, expressions, and lyrics by David used in bloodofjupiter and in his spoken word shows 2017 and 2018, interpreted in illustrations by debut artist Lilith Grimmefrost, hardcover edition limited to 325 copies. Bought through his bandcamp.

Official tabblature books released through Sheet Happens Publishing

First and second edition of "The Book of Opeth" 
Both including the 7" which includes Atonement & Demon of the Fall. Both recorded live at Södra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden on December 4th, 2012
First edition is signed by Mikael, Fredrik, Martin Mendez, Martin Axenrot, Joakim and Per Wiberg.

The Perpetual Journey

Robert Culat is a French monk who is dedicated to metal. He wrote two books which include opeth.
Damnation & Delivrance is all about the lyrics and what he thinks about the stories behind them.
L' Âge du Metal contains besides Opeth numerous other metalbands.

Eugenio Crippa and Filippo Pagani are two Italian Opeth-fans who wrote an un-official biography.
This softcover edition includes a few nice replica tickets. 
Management didn't approve to use the original bandlogo.

The book was later translated in Brasil and published by Estetica Torta.
This edition is hardcover and included a print signed by Mikael and has the original bandlogo on the cover.

Tabbooks released by Hal-Leonard

Unofficial comic written by Spike Steffenhagen, and inked by Victor Moya.
I received copies #1 & #2 signed in gold by Spike.
Later i was able to buy two original drawings size A3 signed by Victor (pictures follow later).

Panini comics released an Opeth edition of the "Batman Death Metal series".
I own a few versions in different languages.

Hachette Publishing released a great series of hardcover magazines about metalbands.
Opeth features in #59
** Fun fact, check out the picture from "Johan de Farfalla" 

Jordan Bloom - On Track... Opeth, every album, every song
Sonic Bond Publishing, 2022
ISBN 978-1-78952-166-5