Hey there,
here is a little story about me...

I live in Maassluis, near Rotterdam, 

with my lovely wife Ellis. 

Ellis and me are huge Opeth fans and go see them whenever we are able to. Our first Opethshow together was in 2016 during the Sorceress tour in 013 Tilburg. I booked us the VIP and this was just brilliant. 

In 2001 i attended the Wâldrock festival and saw Opeth for the first time during the Blackwater Park-tour. They just blew my mind and the rest is history. I started collecting years later and this just took over my life. First i searched for Opeth only, but later on i discovered the amazing music from diverse side projects. This just became a collection on it's own. The entire collection is housed in my mancave which is called "The Opeth Suite".  

I am making this website to keep track of all my items, and also for you to discover this band in all it's glory.

If you like what you see, or want to offer me something which is not found here, just drop me a note, visit my Discogs, Instagram or Facebook.
You can find the buttons on top of this website, and email at the bottom of this page.

Look forward to hear from you!