Hello and welcome to my website which is build around my entire Opeth and related collection.
**The website is far from complete at the moment, but working on it, and adding stuff almost every day.**

I have devided the menu in to multiple sections:
- Newest Addition:   here you can find my lastest additions to the collection.
- Opeth:                      my collection of cassettetapes, cd's, vinyls. dvd's, blu-rays. Official and non-official;
- Side Projects:          my collection of cassettetapes, cd's, vinyls. dvd's, blu-rays of projects each member
                                      is or was involved in;
- Merchandise:           **is under construction**

Just look around, explore, discover and most of all have fun!!
There is so much more, and the collection grows all the time.
So i advise you to visit here now and then. 



** Note:I don't sell or trade any of the items listed on this website. I am a collector not a seller.
** All pictures are made by myself and are from my personal collection.
     (sorry for some crappy ones. I use an older camera and have to work with the light available in the livingroom)
    Except for some banners, wallpapers and backgrounds. These were found public on internet.

** I have official approval from Management, mr. Andy Farrow and mr. Jasper Schuurmans, to run this website and post these images.

** I would like to extend my special thanks to a few friends who help me with moderation and crytical information. 
    Couldn't  do this without the help and support from Ellis, Steve J. and Daniel T.