Small part of the bio written by David:

"After ten years of in and outs in really not happening bands or sessions, i decided to fully focus on my profession in the wine business and leave the music behind. Then one night in June 2010 i took my old friend Mikael Åkerfeldt to meet at wine house out of Tuscany, Italia at a wine exhibition in Stockholm to talk about a possible Opeth-wine. The persons from the wine house were fans of Opeth and friends of me and while discussing the wine and different grapes, with my favorite, sangiovese beeing on the loop, in English: the blood of jupiter, i knew that i needed to start the band blood of jupiter to salute my dedication to death and doom metal and Italian wine". 

The Storms of Chaos - Rituals of Severe Depression (Live in Sweden 2020)

Exclusive live cassette ltd to 100 copies, came with an exclusive patch and a letter from David Isberg. One song is previously unreleased and the live recordings are to 3/4 exclusive for this cassette.
Recorded around in Sweden at Bar Brooklyn Debaser Stockholm 2-22-2020, Fredagsmangel Jakobs Bar & Kök Jakobsberg 9-5-2020 and The Garage Plan B Malmoe 10-10-2020. 
My copy is # 11/100 (signed)

The Grave Sessions

Compilation of rehearsal recordings.
These recordings contain unfinished material and embryos for the future project "The Tragic Monologues".
The cassette came with a exclusive patch and artprint..
Recorded in Grave's rehearsal studio on various occasions 2016.

My copy is #11/100 (signed) 

Just Let Life Burn!

Recorded at Studio Ryssviken, Nacka, Sweden July/August 2021
Mixed and mastered at Humbucker Studios, Stockholm, Sweden, July 2022.
Additional tracking by David Isberg + Mikael Åkerfeldt spring 2022 at various occassions.

Only 50 hand-numbered special first press copies are available.
No repress.
My copy is #11/50 

Some original gigposters.

Here are three original setlists.
Also some handbills for the concert in Stockholm may 7th 2022, which were handmade by David.

This is a fully signed setlist and three tickets from the special New Years show at the Gamla Enskede Bryggeri.
Friday December the 30th 2022 8pm.
bloodofjupiter performed with Leroy T Brown + Dark Ocean Circle.

Setlist from the special show at Gamla Enskede Bryggeri 28-04-2023
Great try-out for the Dutch shows.

Fully signed setlist, wristband and backstagepass from the concert at Gravefest 2023.
Stortorpsparken, Transund 08/07/2023

Fully signed setlist from the New Years gig on 2023-12-30 at Gamla Enskede Bryggeri

***The Eagle's assassin in the Netherlands 2023***

LTR: Johan Karlson (guitars), Andreas Westerlund (drums), Brynja Ströman (bass), David Isberg (vocals).
LTR: Johan Karlson (guitars), Andreas Westerlund (drums), Brynja Ströman (bass), David Isberg (vocals).

Setlists from both Dutch shows in 2023.
05-05-2023 Musicon, Den Haag & 06-05-2023 at No Sleep Metalfest, Westervoort.
Received a drumstick from Andreas Westerlund and a guitarpick from Johan Karlsson.
A special shirt was printed exclusive for the Dutch shows.

This is my collection of bloodofjupiter shirts.

The first two shown are pre-owned and worn by David. The white shirt was made in a very limited run for a show which was planned in september 2016, but never took place. So this is an extreme rare shirt.

David has created, in coörperation with Tevsjlö Mill & Distillery  a great line of boozes.
This is a promotional shirt for the Bleed Gins.

These are the rest of my bloodofjupitershirts. I have bought these online through the bandcamp of the band.

13th Anniversary beany