David Isberg

This section is very special to me.
I got in contact with David some time ago. Since that day we spoke a lot about music and life.
We met on a sunny day in june'22, when he was in the Netherlands to attend an Iron Maiden concert with his girlfriend.
It was an amazing memorable day with a lot of great stories, laughter and Trooper beers.  

David and me, Arnhem June 26, 2022
David and me, Arnhem June 26, 2022

David has his own band called bloodofjupiter. Click the bandlogo to visit the bandpage.

There are two more pages with projects (click to visit):
Allmänna Industri Klubben

The absolute start of everything is this book from Wilbur Smith - The Sunbird.
When me and David met each other, we had a long conversation about this. He told me about his holiday in Thailand as a teenager with his parents. During this holiday he turned sick for a few days, which forced him to stay in the hotel. To kill time he spend hours in the library and found this book. While reading it he was fascinated by the story and learned about this fictional city called "Opet". It is the name of the location for an ancient empire which translates to the City of the Moon.
David signed my personal copy of the book right on page #188 where he first read about it. An absolute highlight in my collection.

Ornament of the Ominous Demoniac - the coagulated blood of David

Collective writings, poetry, expressions, and lyrics by David used in bloodofjupiter and in his spoken word shows 2017 and 2018, interpreted in illustrations by debut artist Lilith Grimmefrost.
The book is designed by Carl Abrahamsson (known from Trapart Books, Cotton Ferox etc to name a few), came personally signed, printed on selected paper to prime the featured art.  

Hardcover edition limited to 325 copies.
My copy is #48/325

Three original drawings by the hand of Lilith Grimmefrost which are used for the book.

Date: Progressive Nation tour with Dream Theater & Opeth ao september 25th, 2009
Flyer from the aftershow party at the Jolly Roger "Real Metal Club" where David presented the "early years of Opeth".